About Us

Vision Hotels is bigger than just a business.

It is an opportunity to do wonderful things for people and exists to fulfil ‘The Vision’ as outlined in this website.

Ownership of this private group of companies is held by brothers, Brendon Deeley and Mark Deeley.

Brendon Deeley

Brendon has spent his adult life, from not long after the completion of his university degree, owning businesses within the tourism industry: from travel agencies, tour operators and tourism publications to management rights and hotels.

While also having a keen interest in the fulfilment of our purpose driven vision, Brendon also works on sourcing new hotels for the group and finding and developing new avenues of business.

Mark Deeley

Mark started his career as a corporate finance manager and sales manager.   

In 2012 Mark successfully turned around a 200 room resort in Surfers Paradise purchased from bank liquidators into a highly profitable resort.

Since then he has extensive experience creating great profitable businesses from non-performing hotel assets.

Mark has a passion for the practicalities of ensuring the vision becomes a reality and makes sure that Vision Hotels keeps up its wonderful reputation as a highly trusted operator.